What To Choose And How To Install Dance Studio Mirrors?

In this guide, we’ll be talking about choosing dance mirrors and what to pay attention to in the first place. Many people know generally about mirrors and its functionalities but are not familiar with the nuances of such a beautiful accessory. We offer to talk about mirrors for dance halls and studios. What are their peculiarities, and what secrets is important to know in order to choose a quality product that meets all the requirements and expectations?

What To Choose And How To InstallDance Studio Mirrors?

Mirrors in The Dance Studio

As a rule, in the dance studio install large mirrors on the entire wall, necessarily high, so that any dancer can see himself/herself in full. They help to make the room as light and spacious as possible. In addition, to all the dancers, it is very important to see your reflection in order to clearly rehearse movements and steps. The mirror will help bring the dance to perfection, see errors and inaccuracies in time, see how the performance will look like from the outside. You can order such mirrors in our mirror workshop. We make mirrors of various sizes and shapes, in frames and without – any idea, any wish can be translated into reality. In addition to the manufacture of mirrors and the calculation of their cost, our company can carry out high-quality installation, as well as deliver the selected accessory directly to your home or dance studio.

What to Look for When Choosing Dance Mirrors?

  • Quality (smooth and smooth surface without defects and glare)
  • Weight (it is better to give preference to not too heavy mirrors: there is less chance that the mirror will fall and break)
  • Availability of special grooves for machine tools (if they are to be installed)
  • The height of the mirrors shouldn’t be less than 2 meters

Features of the Installation of Mirrors in Dance Studios

It is very important that the wall on which you plan to install a mirror is clean and level, otherwise the real picture will be slightly distorted, and for the dancers every movement, every detail plays an important role. Installing mirrors in the dance halls is best with silicone glue – it is much safer, and the service life of the accessory is significantly increased. In addition, this glue allows you to install a mirror, even on the surface with wallpaper. Of course, it is best to entrust the installation process to experienced professionals: they will do everything to ensure that you’re not at risk of getting injured by a shattered mirror, and you will enjoy a quality result.

How To Choose A Mirror: Useful Tips

Mirrors – an important attribute of any home. They lurk energy and light, magic and beauty. Before ordering for a dance studio mirror, ensure it is cut only by professionals. We take special steps in the world of design and art to ensure your studio looks awesome and captivating to its users.

Today, there are many companies out there that produce dance mirrors but not all can boast of fast and high quality work. To avoid low quality products, you have to ensure you consult the right mirror experts and we at Fab Glass and Mirrors can take care of an order that you place with us. However, before choosing a studio mirror, there are some tips you should take note of to ensure you buy a good product and are satisfied with your purchase.

Visual Defects

Feel free to carefully study your future purchase: take a good look at or even touch the mirror. Chips, scratches, stains, bubbles, as well as points and curvature of the surface – all these are signs of poor quality products. The mirror of the highest quality does not distort the reflection, but conveys it as clearly and precisely as possible.

Glass Quality

The thicker the mirror canvas, the more reliable the mirror will be. Thin mirrors are not of high quality, although they have an attractive price. Ideally, choose mirrors not less than 4 mm thick. It is best to buy a mirror with silver coating, especially if you decide to buy dance studio mirrors from Fab Glass and Mirror. It is reliable and moisture-resistant, and the reflection will be much better than using aluminum coating. By the way, the ideal surface of the mirrors should be on both sides.

Edge Processing

Modern processing of mirror edges is necessary not only for security and surface protection, but also so that the mirror can retain its original appearance for many years. Pay attention to the edges of your preferred mirror and make sure the edges are developed properly.

Mirror Size And Shape

Before you go to the mirror shop to search for the perfect mirror, you must determine what function it will have, how it will look and where it will be located. It is very important to responsibly and carefully approach this issue, because knowing the exact parameters and dimensions of your future purchase, can save you the stress of buying what doesn’t harmoniously fit your interior. Since you’ll be buying mirrors for your studio, ensure you ask an expert on the right size to use.

Knowing all the “pitfalls” when choosing mirrors, you can definitely make a competent choice as good as any expert. Feel free to carefully examine the product and ask questions – you need to know what you are paying for. Now that you know the useful tips to consider buying a mirror, the next question to ask is “where can I buy high quality mirrors?”

Where To Buy A Mirror

Among all the items that accompany a person throughout their lifetime, a special place belongs to mirrors. They accompany us throughout our lifetime – both at home and at work. With the help of a mirror, we can evaluate our appearance, make hair, make-up, shave, brush teeth and see the way we dance. Both men and women use the mirror and our mood depends on how we see ourselves. Since you’re looking for where to buy mirrors, you can search for companies on google that sell high quality mirrors. Fab Glass and Mirror pride herself in selling custom made mirrors and we have all kinds for mirrors available for you.

What To Choose And How To InstallDance Studio Mirrors?

Types of Mirrors for your Home Dance Studio

1. Stationary or Rolling

When you’re practicing difficult dance moves, mirrors at your back and front can be useful. The mirrors behind allow you to see your dancing posture so you can correct your form if you’re not doing it right. So you can decide to mount mirrors on two opposite sides of your mirror or opt for one mirrored wall and a rolling mirror.

A rolling mirror has several advantages. First, it is cost effective. Second, you can adjust it to any angle to help you see what your posture look like both from the right and left. And last, you can easily roll it to any room that is comfortable for you to practice if the need arises.

2. Glass or Non-Glass

If you decide to use glass mirrors, you’ll need to ensure it comes with safety accessories. A safety accessory can ensure that the mirror won’t wall and injure the user even if he/she accidently shatter the mirror. Another option is to use glassless mirrors; such as dance studio mirrors that are completely made of Mylar so that your students can’t shatter the surface no matter how hard they try.

Non-glass mirrors can be helpful if you’re teaching kids. If your dance studio is for your own use, you don’t have to worry about students getting injured, so you can opt for any material of your choice.

3. Bevels

Bevels on both sides of your mirror aren’t ideal when you’re setting up a home dance studio. The reason is that you’re going to have some seams where two mirrors join together unless you’re using a big mirror that will take the whole space of your wall. If each edge of your mirror has a bevel, then placing two edges together makes the width of the mirror twice that of the beveled area, which creates a distortion.

Mirrors without beveled edges create smoother, clearer images that’s consistent along the length of the wall.

What We Offer in Our Dance Studio Mirrors

Dimensions and Colors

Fab Glass and Mirror provides a generously sized warp-free reflective surface and is available in three different sizes to fit the dimensions of your studio:

  • 200 x 100 x 2,5 cm.
  • 170 x 100 x 2,5 cm.
  • 120 x 80 x 2,5 cm.

The three different sized mirrors are all available with silver or black frames to suit your space.


The glass at Fab Glass and Mirrors is held within an aluminum structure that frames the entire length and width of the mirror and works as the support for mounting on your walls. The mirror is hung via two custom metal brackets. These low-profile pieces’ slot into the frame of the mirror and hold it firmly and close to the wall. This practical system also allows you to easily dismount the mirror if the need should one day arise.

One continuous surface

In addition, the dance studio mirror has been created with side by side mounting in mind. The mirror frame has been made thin so that only a minimal reflective disturbance is caused between one mirror to the next.


Fab Glass and Mirror has a security film applied in its construction to make the mirror safe in case of accidental damage. The film serves to prevent broken glass shards from breaking free from the mirror and causing harm. For added peace of mind, the mounting brackets are made of galvanized steel so that they won’t rust, keeping your mirrors firmly hanging on your wall, year after year.

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