5 Ways to Use Twitter to Increase Search Rankings

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Increase Search Rankings

Gaining popularity in Twitter isn’t that tough, but to achieve this simple task you need to acknowledge some points. Your tweets have to be timely, have to have genuine links, you need to gain followers, and many more, thus, here’s the list for your help.

Twitter is the social media platform that has got so much popularity, just next to Facebook. If you have a general account in there, you can see the rush of tweets is made in every second and the enormous flow of re-tweets and likes. However, for gaining a good rank on Google for business Twitter can help you in a very unique way, and that is with the popularity you gain on this very platform.

Using Twitter as your rank gaining tool on the search engine is always a full proof idea, and if you know the ways, you can become popular on this platform, and then there will be no stopping for you to have the topmost number on Google. Here we have listed the ways you can make use of the same for increasing the search engine rankings.

  1. Use of hashtags

If you have been checking Twitter out then by now you know how important hashtags are in here. Trends are building based on hash tags thus, you need to learn the ways you can use them properly. You must know about the trending topics and how you can use them for your benefits, or you can go for creating one by yourself too, and make it simple and short so that people do not turn away by seeing the length and complexity of it.

  1. Take time for tweeting

You see that there are thousands of tweets happens in within seconds but you have to be careful in this part, because if your ads come frequently, Twitter might put it down and on the other hand, your target audience will not like it at all. So you need to think about the specific time when you are posting your ad in there.

  1. Sharing URLs

Whenever you are sharing some website links, you need to make a check of the authenticity of it, because if people get interested towards the ad, they would definitely like to open the site and gather information, and that can’t be done if the link is broken.

  1. Sharing your evergreen contents

You can always make use of your evergreen content by sharing their links on Twitter, and you will surely get more traffic for your business website. As these type of contents holds the power of dragging audience, you will get the best result always.

  1. Gain followers

You need to gain active followers and that way you will get more traffic and the best ranking on the search engine. Post relevant topics and give good links and be regular, and that will definitely serve the purpose.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and it will certainly get you the best rank in the search engine as well as you will gain popularity in Twitter too.

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